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It is our focus to make sure the right elements are in place to support your business goals. Hence, we aim to create an ecosystem of quality relationships and collaborative energy to help your business achieve more.

Common Ground

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At Common Ground we believe coworking can help take your company to the next level. From our modern, stylish offices to an extensive range of support services, we’ve designed our workspaces and amenities to build a community and lifestyle to help you get business done–better.

Redefining Workspaces

At Common Ground, coworking means more than a desk and internet connection in a communal workspace. With our ever-growing number of locations across Southeast Asia, we're building an engaged community and vibrant ecosystem to help ambitious, fast-growing companies take business to the next level.

It Starts With Good People

Common Ground members come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, with a diverse range of experiences and knowledge. We set the scene for collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities by connecting the community through a member's portal and regular networking events.

Get Business Done — Better

Whether you're freelancer looking for a hot desk or a 100-person enterprise looking for a custom HQ. we've designed our workspaces and amenities to attract quality talent and give you and your business a competitive advantage.