The 5 Types of Freelance Developers You’re Bound to Work With

  TribeHired     29 Oct 2019

The Flash

This developer finishes tasks at record speed, so he’s regularly juggling 3-5 different clients at a time. You never have to chase him for work because he’s probably told you that it's done 3 days ago. You can't deny his speed—but that's because he's cutting corners. 

"Don't hack core" doesn't apply to The Flash. There's no such thing as best practices either. 

He won't ever take a second look at any code, and any developer that attempts to untangle his code is looking at a nightmarish mess. 

Despite all odds, the code works like a dream. You'll never understand why. But he's good to have when you need code done quick.

The Trendy Developer

This developer is probably still bragging about owning Bitcoin before it shot up in value. They're always trolling Twitter to keep up with up-to-date dev trends and they love to try the hot new thing even before it hits Beta. 

They might suggest you overhaul your entire software based on their most recent chat on Telegram.

Unfortunately, these trend-followers might let their excitement cloud their judgement. Maybe that shiny new thing doesn't quite fit the project they need to finish. Maybe there's a reason why it's not common practice. 

This trendy follower is willing to try things outside of their comfort zone, but they may need to be tempered down with some constant follow-ups to any of their proposed "great ideas". 

The Recycler 

This developer will take any job no matter his experience level. When the going gets tough and she's reached the end of her limited skillset, you'll find her haunting for open-source software and other free tools to drag herself to the finish line. 

He only learns if it's on-the-fly, but he's a diligent student as long as there's a deadline looming. By hook or by crook, he'll work with what he has. 

People who don't understand coding will be impressed by the results, but seasoned coders will see the truth. None of his applications or plug-ins are really developed by her, and the solutions are often scraped-together Frankensteins that someone might think is new if they don't know any better. 

The Architect

Image Credit: Wikipedia

The architect  is fantastic at creating work for himself. He's a genius at all the programming languages and figuring out what's wrong with any code presented to him. But he's got high ambitions. No problem is too simple for him to build complex tiers of distributed systems on Java, with multiple message queues. 

He's always "fleshing out the architecture" every time you check up on him. He will not rest until he's built his beautiful, complex building using every bit of knowledge he's picked up in his short life on Earth. 

He takes his sweet time, but you'll find a beautiful, systematic code upon completion—that will probably require the next guy a whole month just to read enough of it to make any updates. 

The Romeo

During your first meeting with this freelancer, he's saying all the things you want to hear. You are regaled with fantastic tales of he's done before, and you can't help but to be seduced by his confident voice and use of jargon that even you've never heard before. 

That is, until you hire him for your project and you realize that he's a better salesman than he is a coder. 

At least for this last one, TribeHired's got you covered. All of the developers listed on our platform have passed a stringent filtering process—meaning only top 5% of tech talent will be recommended to you. We make sure our freelancers possess the right attitude, temperament and skills that fit your project's needs.

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