Malaysian developers, what would you be if you are in an RPG game?

  SC     17 Dec 2018
In a few years back, your parents want you to find a full-time position in a good company, your friends tell you freelancing can receive a good pay. People talk about full-time position gives you job security, freelancing gives you freedom. In my opinion, they both have their own challenges and downsides. No clear winner. In the recent years, remote position is growing rapidly and becoming trendy. Working remotely gives you the job security and the freedom at the same time. The interest of people in the remote job is increasing Well, I know this statistics is dull and boring. However, I find it interesting when I realise that choosing between full-time, freelance, and remote positions are like choosing job classes in the RPG game. Do you play RPG game, don’t you?

Job classes in real life vs job classes in RPG game

The full-time developer is a crusader. Crusaders are the protectors of the kingdom. Their missions are to protect the king (CEO or boss), the kingdom (company), and the people (customers) from the threat. Source: http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/Crusader?file=Character_Crusader.jpg The freelance developer is a bounty hunter. Bounty hunters are the survivors. Their missions are to survive as long as they can (more projects) and collect as much reward as possible (higher pays) by themselves. Source: http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/Hunter?file=Character_Hunter.jpg The remote developer is a wizard. Wizards are the adventurers. They share the same missions as crusaders, the only difference is they do it without being seen. Source: http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/Wizard?file=Character_Wizard.jpg

The decision making

In a different job class, the decision making is different. Let’s say they have a mission which writing a new feature. Crusaders and wizards will focus on the long run. They don’t protect the kingdom for one or two months only. Full time and remote developers will consider: * How can I make this feature scalable, so that we can add new capabilities easily next time? * How can I make this code more readable, so that other team members can understand? Bounty hunters will focus on the speed and the accuracy. Freelance developers will consider: * How can I complete the project on time or earlier? * How can I fulfil the requirements?

The growth

When you become a full-time (crusader) developer, you can grow into a very skilful and collaborative developer. You have the opportunity to learn from your peers or seniors and your career path is clear. In this position, your growth is easier and quicker than the freelancer. When you become a freelance (bounty hunter) developer, you can grow into a very independent and well-rounded developer. You have the advantage to learn from pitching a project, negotiating the deal, to delivering the project. IMHO, you are more competent in this position comparing to full-timer. The reason is most of the full-timers are too dependent on the guidance from the peers. You need to learn to solve the problem on your own. When you become a remote developer (wizard), you can be more independent (as a freelance developer), and more collaborative (you have a team), and your career path is clearer. The tradeoff is you are far away from your peers. The communication is the greatest challenge.

Who are you?

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