How important are PHP developers in Malaysia?

  Robin Coenraad     21 Dec 2018

Very. Massively. Ridiculously important. Make no mistake that they are the Knights and Unicorns of the 21st century and we are at their mercy. PHP developers and other programmers of various code languages are the backbones supporting the technology infrastructure in Malaysia and pioneering futurism in tech in order to stay competitive with the world. They are the unsung heroes of Malaysia and let me tell you why.

glassesSource: publicdomainpictures.com

From the mid 90’s, the invention of the internet that we take for granted daily has remodelled the fabric of society and ushered in the era of technology never seen or documented in the history of the world. PHP or Personal Home Page was coined by a Danish-Canadian, Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. PHP: Hypertext Pre-processor is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language.

Now, this language is used by millions of programmers across the globe and tens of thousands in Malaysia. It’s always easy to appreciate a finished product the same way it is to appreciate a website but little do we know, is the immense coding required for such awesomeness so that you and I can do easy things like shop online and get our items delivered. For some of us who’ve studied a bit of IT in school might remember this: "Hello World!" However, for a Malaysian man by the name of Mior Muhammad Zaki Mior Khairuddin or crynobone as he’s known on the net, is an absolute hero in the world of PHP in Malaysia.

He’s made a name for himself among Malaysian programmers and developers since 2005 and now leads some of Malaysia’s most ambitious tech-projects such as Katsana, which connects cars to help track and secure vehicles via GPS. It should be mentioned that through Katsana, Mior and his team are responsible for the recovery of 98% of stolen cars in Malaysia and is a top-figure in his contribution towards the Laravel Framework, an open-source PHP web framework.

Mior ZakiSource: github.com 

This is an example of one Malaysian man pioneering tech in his home country and there are still tens of thousands of other PHP developers and programmers which have yet to be discovered. But fret not… because there is one startup solving that very specific tech-talent discovery problem.

TribehiredSource: techinasia.com 

Tribehired has filled in a void that existed for over a decade by providing a channel to both tech-talents seeking their dream-job and companies seeking high quality tech-talents. They specialise in building the tech-recruitment community in Malaysia which has harvested tens of thousands of tech-talents in just a couple of years. Instead of programmers and developers struggling to look for jobs, this is the only place where employers fight for you. So not only you know why PHP developers are essential in Malaysia, but also know where to find them. Talk about a double-whammy coded-combo? Very much so. 

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