5 Benefits of Working with a Freelance Developer for Your Next Big Project

  TribeHired     29 Oct 2019

There's an ongoing impression that freelancers are untrustworthy. So when a company needs to revamp its website or tinker with their app, it’s natural to gravitate to other types of developers—like hiring full-time developers, or engaging software developer firms.

The instinct is very understandable. Unlike freelancers, developers working in companies may be able to offer more long-term servicing for any bugs and issues that may arise. 

No, freelance devs won't be a right fit for any and all development projects. But before you brush them off altogether, you should also consider some underrated benefits of a freelancer that might supercharge your whole project.

1. They Might Be Cheaper

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Now I have your attention, eh?

Instead of having to keep them on retainer or pay them a monthly wage, you only summon a freelancer when you need them. Meaning when the project is done, you can bid your sweet farewells to each other and face a brand new day looking forward to less mouths to feed in the coming months—at least until a developer is needed again.

2. Engage Talented Specialists for Specific Jobs

Not all developers are equal. Today you might want someone to deal with Amazon Web Services (AWS), but tomorrow, you need an expert in NodeJS or ReactJS. Who can predict the future?

With freelancers, you'd be able to tap into a pool of specialists that can scratch your specific itch every time. As an added bonus, your in-house developers can learn from these specialists too during their time with you. Win-win! 

3. Benefit from Their Vast Experience

Good freelancers gain a lot of experience from working in different companies with diverse needs. They have no chance to get complacent. With each client, they're adding more skill and insight into their arsenal of talents ready to serve your needs. 

All of this experience equals a more versatile developer with a bird's eye view of the craft that is equipped to handle anything the project throws at them. 

4. More Innovative—Because They Have to Be

As part of the job, freelancers also have more motivation to keep up to date with cutting-edge technology and may be accustomed to coming up with creative solutions for specific problems from a diverse set of clients. After all, they won't have any preconceived notions of how things are "typically done" by a regular developer and can inject their unique perspective into any problems. 

5. Only Pay for Completed Work

Some freelancers ask for deposits upfront, but it won't be the full cost of the project. Even then, the rest of the payment would still only be given once they complete their full workload. 

As an added bonus, chasing payment motivates them to work to satisfy you, versus perhaps, a salaried employee that gets paid no matter how the job turns out. 

FYI, TribeHired only releases payment to freelancers at the end of the month, so rest assured that if the developer causes trouble, you'll be getting your money back in full.

Furthermore, TribeHired also assigns Project Managers to your engagement for free. The Task Managers will track your requirements and deliverables on a weekly basis. You can browse the developer profiles for free and only pay when you've successfully engaged a freelance developer.

So don't be afraid to engage freelancer developers with TribeHired, at minimum risk to you while enjoying all of these benefits for your next project.

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