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Perks for your employees




At Perkfec, we understand your problems when it comes to retaining your staff. Perkfec provides a rewards program which not only reinforces the most important outcomes people create for your business but also taps into each of these motivators to keep employees engaged.

Perkfec instantly empowers employees to recognize their colleagues for awesome work they've done by sending recognition messages with points that can be used to redeem the useful perks they love, which simply consists of a piece of praise paired with a small amount of currency.

Sending points is as easy as sending a tweet, and recognition is publicly displayed (and can be broadcasted on Slack), which makes people feel like their efforts and investment of time and energy at the office are not going unoticed.

In addition, Perkfec also encourages employees to challenge colleagues to excel at work with Challenge feature, which motivates them to strive for the best and helps them grow faster.

Small actions lead to big results. Let’s cultivate your company culture from now on!